Cooling Systems

Our remanufactured cooling systems are as capable as brand new systems, but are available at fraction of the cost. The systems we remanufacture can handle the higher levels of heat created by diesels. They're built to incorporate fan drive technology for efficiently managing air flow, increasing fuel economy with less horsepower, and producing less noise. Cooling system components include water pumps, fan clutches, solenoids, and thermal switches. 

This makes our systems reliable and effective solutions — all offered at a lower price point than our competitors. Through remanufacturing cooling systems, our work is eco-friendly and adapts to industry developments in cooling technology far faster than it takes to build a system from scratch. These USA-remanufactured cooling system components use genuine castings and proper internal components. Just as with all of our products, our quality standards meet or exceed OEM specifications. 

Our product is designed to meet all requirements of North American Class 8 engines and all other industry standards. And your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Cooling System Catalogs