The Bepco Story

Founded in 1958 in my grandfather’s basement in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, our family company is rooted in a business philosophy that promotes integrity, strong partnerships, and long-term relationships. My father always said, “No one will outperform us.”

Over 50 years later, we’ve grown up with this philosophy and continue to offer quality products held to high standards and with environmental impact in mind. We’ve actually been recycling parts and saving natural resources from the beginning, in part because my grandfather’s generation was a generation of rebuilders. After WWII, a scarcity of resources meant people had to figure out how to fix what was available and make it work again. Since 1958, all of our products have been remanufactured genuine truck components, and despite many manufacturing companies moving offshore, Bepco continues to be a 100% American-owned company serving independent WDs and proudly remanufacturing all products here in the USA.

David Winters, President